Friday, January 15, 2010

T minus 1 Week left until the hearing about end of Child Support for the psycho ex. Pretty quiet in that area, except for some whining from the psycho last weekend. Still, one must have faith in our Cleveland judiciary. Rock bottom jurisprudence at rock bottom prices. My daughter is wrapping up her last weekend here before heading back to the big city. I have intercepted an email from her current boyfriend. The guy is really harsh on liberals. Midwestern, Jewish, techie, football fan. Hey, I like this guy! Don't tell anyone.

As opposed to immediate family members. A dinner this week wasn't too bad. But you'd think with Barack Hussein Obama firmly in charge these hippies would kindly shut the fuck up with the whining about the USA. I mean, it this doesn't do it , of what use is the current President?

An on-call schedule change has relieved me of non-drinking duties when the axe is lowered in a couple of weeks. At least that's a small benefit. I plan to make use of it, too. Meanwhile, after shipping the papoose off Sunday my gal will be able to relax, and enjoy the sweet hotness that is Captain SQL!!!!!!!

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