Saturday, January 09, 2010

Go Galt Now, From the Comfort of Your Own Home! 

And cold comfort it is today, peeps. A nice, steady snow over Greater Cleveland and Vicinity this week while I have been entertaining my daughter home from college has left much of the sides of the driveway layered in alternating strata of ice, snow, icy-snowy crap, and glacier like hard ice. All of this spells doom for those unfortunates to veer from the true path of the driveway. And this morning that was me. Even without the purchase of a vowell. After a 15 minute mighty struggle involving digging, and SQL Car Rocking knowledge I dislodged the clunker from said snowpile and went on my merry(?) way.

Anyways, back to Galt. Now at T - 13 days from final support hearing. After which my impulse is to go home, blog, bitch, whine, send money to good guys. And if I ever get a chance to move to one of the adjacent counties yonder from the Blue Cesspool of Cuyahoga, I would like very much to do so. Thousands have been doing so over the years. Even deep-dyed-liberals. They followed the job opportunities the hell outta here. So it's not even a question of wanting to Go Galt, you have to. To keep working, unless your are a bottom feeder.

Peeps, it's accelerating, as we slide down the tubes from a pretty nice place to becoming DeToilet. Just this week, Brooklyn (Ohio) based American Greetings announced it was ticked at the local income tax increase, and may remove from that city. Boy the whining about betraying the community, and selling out the pee pull has been intense. And about what big greedheads the owners are.

Well, how's bout the pee pull that work at Greetings? What if the company relocates to a nearby suburb without lower income taxes? That would benefit the pee pull that work there. Not just the owners. See, that is how America works. The company is privately held. The government doesn't have a say about facility location. That lower city income tax the employees may get would be a bigger beneift that any collection of screaming hippies could ever hope to deliver to them.

Also this week an adjacent school district, the one where Cappy graduated, which is a darling of the extended pinky crowd announced they want to extend the school day. Again with the leftie screaming! Since Cappy et. al. graced (greased?) those hollowed halls, the place has declined apace with every stupid social engineering concept the board could toss at the unsuspecting little bastards. Net result: Districts rated excellent in this county have 20% more classroom instruction time than Berkely East. WTF?


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