Saturday, January 23, 2010

Emancipation Rumination 

Slept in after the all-night non-incident project on-call. Boring, but better than exciting, if ya know what I mean. Woulda shoulda coulda celebrated today's daughter's emancipation, but work comes before pleasure and knowing that the shoes (and blade!) will most likely drop during the middle of the week blunts the wonder of it all.

I did take the time last night to attend services. As known to some, I am not terribly observant and my religious service attendance is scant. But it was a time to give thanks, and to pray for the best in the near future. It has been a damn good year and a half; kid graduating High School early, major scholarships, visiting NYC including seeing the lovely Erica, and etc. Lotsa good stuff. In fact, it's pretty well blunted my technical jones. But that will be back. As explained to the aforementioned Erica, it is my august assessment that we of the Hebrewite persuasion, if not a flaming hippie must choose between frum and redneck. I've got the edge on her for the latter(no pun intended, Edge), due to Wheeling, W. Va. grandparentage. But anyways, I feel at home at my shul. The Rabbi recently attended a get-together held by Christians United for Israel, and I'm glad he did this. Many of his peers feel too icky about stuff like that, such as self preservation and sticking up for their own congregants. They have no such qualms about supporting the rights of others, which is appropriate, but aren't to be seen with others supporting Jews. Brings up a lot of questions about their leadership, and confirms his. And some of these guys will vibrate with outrage if anyone even suggests actually fighting terrorism. You know, like with real firearms. And and even smaller subset are intrusive to the point of custody interference, with what they feel about this, that or the other, but damn little to say about supporting other Jews.

Oops, I've gotten sidetracked by religion. Lemme simplify above. For many Jews of the Reform and beyond branches, Tikkun Olam, the concept of small acts of kindness to repair the world has overshadowed all the rest of the religion. Repairing the World is good. IMHO, it does not translate into "rabid support of whatever brain addled ancient hippies, psychotic leftist Jew haters, or the cat can drag in". In fact, one of the greatest agents for repairing the world is the United States Armed Forces.

Anyways, so custody is over. A big relief. The court seemed to fucntion normally for once. I am sure there will be technical glitches but those can be worked out. Gotta go now. Farmville awaits.

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