Friday, December 25, 2009

Nice Christmas Eve and very good day today. Last night was at the girl friend's son's house. Very nice dinner, and got the latest Star Trek movie as a gift, and gave Spyro Gyra DVD as one. Bad news that the local smooth jazz station is changing format, but that's what MP3 players and IPods are for.

More tech assistance today when I visited my sister. Got a lot of her photos copied to her new Apple. Peeps, as you know, we have been screwed since the election of President Obama. But that is no reason not to have fun along the way! My sister wants to apply for an admin job at the local Community College. I read the job description, then advised strongly that her boy friend, he of the FreeCreditReports.Com resemblance apply instead. Then she could rename her son, who's dad was from South Africa to Ubuntu. Then I would never have to worry about another season of The Goode Family. It would be right there for me in real life!

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