Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year 

Looks like I'm slowly grinding my way to my thousandth post, as BGSU and Ida-Ho waste TV electrons in the Humanitarian Bowl. BGSU just lost it at the last minute. And they've got the same helmet color as the Browns.

Blogging really slowed down, after more than 5 years at it. Facebook taking up a lot of the time, and FarmVille taking up a lot of that time. Great corn storage that! Early 2010 marks the end of Child Support, and got massive whining, begging and pleading from the ex a couple of weeks ago, followed by nothing. So it is possible that the fucking judge could get creative, but extremely unlikely.

Overall, things are good going into 2010. Hope to keep working at my current job, but one never knows. Otherwise, life is going very nicely.

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