Friday, November 27, 2009

The Archie Bunker posting was timely. LittleSis will be here from Chicago next Friday, leading to massive Kumbiya with the other escapees from The Goode Family. Fortunately, Cincinnati owned the Illini in the annual Buy Free Pizza for Cappy Because Your Team Are Losers Trophy. I just declared that the trophy for the Illini/Bearcats series. That way I end up with free pizza.

Spent Thanksgiving very nicely at a large gathering of the girlfriend's in-laws. Didn't know a danged soul. I liked it that way. Got along good with her son in law, watching Detroit get thumped. Then back to dowload hell when my antivirus provider didn't recognize the ID/e-mail address they confirmed to me.

At Martinis tonight a huge, massive drughead from my High School class of many, many years ago showed up and really creeped out the bartender, et. al. I thought the guy would have been institutionalized by now. Instead, he's an attorney.

Next weekend, visiting my daughter in NYC. Preparing the written part of the test for the boy friend. Live fire testing will have to wait for a more firearms friendly environment.

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