Monday, September 14, 2009

L'Shana Tova 

And soon, before I completely loose any spirit. The Browns performance yesterday didn't help. Neither did the presence of deadbeats Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards on my fantasy team. Will have dinner Frinite at my sisters here. Sounds like a lot of Kumbiyah. I don't want to do Kumbiyah. She, or her slacker boyfriend, or said boyfriend's mom will let fly with some bullshit. I'm going to park on the street for easy egress. I could waste pixels referring to the usual "learn from scum, third worldies, harass everyone moving east of Warrensville Center, Tofu" trope, but Mike Judge's Goode Family captures it better. Also mourning the end of KOTH.

Then I trapse off to shul Saturday, hoping the greasy ponytailed truther stays the F off the Bimah and Shuts the F up about his stupid theories. If he can't the Rabbi, who is pretty reasonable guy will get a complaint, and I'm out for Yom Kippur. The congregation is pretty good in general, but once in a while Larry from Dharma and Greg stands up and shoots off his friggin' yap.

So there. Rant over. I know. If I don't like it I ought to man up and become frum. Sorry. In general, not looking forward to it.

Happy New Year anyway.

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