Sunday, August 09, 2009

Don't like to post about politics. In these parts since there ain't Republicans any politics really is personal. But always have been disgusted by Eric Holder's attack on America. Since my congressbitch is a waste of oxygen, and one Senator is still reliving the Civil War and the other is just another raspy-voiced Yalie that's one half of a power couple, I sent the following to a neighboring Congressman. For what it's worth:

I am contacting you with this concern mostly because my congresswoman, Marcia Fudge only follow her own agenda and it is no use bringing anything else to her attention.
I read with concern about the likely prosecution of Americans engaged in defending all of us from terrorism by Eric Holder. Here is the link where I found this.

Those that protect and defend our country from terrorism should not be attacked by our own government. Mr. Holder has said before that we are a nation of cowards. Since this is what he believes he should not be Attorney General. His holding the position shows a cynical snorkeling at the public trough for those he holds in contempt.

We need an Attorney General that will protect Americans from terrorism.


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