Monday, August 17, 2009

Countdown now at 

T-60 Hours and Conting. Psycho ex-wife in place for liftoff. The lovely Erica contacted for a meeting during the long weekend when daughter will be Shabbos observing and Cappy will be surveying the environs of Times Square for corn storage.

Beach Boys concert last night. Very nice. A good time. And one of the great things of those groups that are receeding into the past is they play a lot mor convenient venues. Parking cost, $0. Easy access and egress. No irritating merchandising. The Eagles displayed more energy, but they have 10 - 15 years less than the Boys. A good time. Help me, Rhonda.

Later adjourned to what is now my #2 martini bar. A good pour and a very good price. No irritating political holding forth. Just soccer on the TV, for some inexplicable reason. The gal I took to the concert broke in her first martini. Then two more. Those were of the candy variety. I stuck with old tried and true. Also had a Bushmills 18 year old. The whiskey, you pervs. Went down smooth. A man could get used to that.

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