Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Actually, very placid summer. Pretty much bricked in by taking the kid all over the place and the slow pace of work. I'm going to miss her when she goes, but this will give a lot of free time. Want to put a few points on the board with new secondary technology. Just haven't had big enough blocks of time to do so this year. Did enjoy my time with the last girlfriend, but that is ovah due to scheduling infeasibility and am meeting new ones pretty well. No martinis adminstered yet.

Watching The Goode Family is about all the politics I can squeeze out. Those cartoons are pretty close to my family, except for my daughter who has turned out all right. I don't have such a kind view of others around these parts. When Bob Taft proved himself to be a petty crook the peeps downstate stood up and whupped the GOP, as they deserved. When fatass DiMoron continues to swill at the trough his fellow Dems here don't have the balls or brains to trot out someone better. Which should not be hard to do. This includes the tofu gobbling hippies what are chock full of opinion at the mere mention of the word W, but can't be seen when the fuck pigs at the county are snorkeling up funds. And of course there ain't any Republicans in these parts. So, the question to my neighbors is, who exactly are the yokels? Huh? You or Clem and Zeke from Zanesville?


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