Saturday, June 27, 2009

I Can't Handle It Any More 

Mike Judge has done it again. How some of the peeps around here haven't caught on and sued for defamation of character only shows how stupid said peeps are. Last night's Goode Family episode could only mean Judge has been hanging out around here, possibly in the homes of some relatives. Gerald and Helen completely incorporate the trope with which I've become sickeningly familiar in lo these many years of living in BlueLand. Basically, the theme was "we can all learn from this unemployed worthless bum". Also, I am completely morphing into Helen's dad on the show, played by Brian Doyle-Murray. I mean, how many times have I heard the vomitous "we can all learn from murdering terrorists/winos/derelicts/poo-flinging monkeys/pigeons/rats/vegans/lice/Kucinich/inanimate objects"? This one also throws in said bum named Heinrich Mueller, which the Goodes worship also because he's a much more"evolved" Euro-Peon. Go ahead, click the link. Charming.

So how does this impact my drinking? That's the most important question. I like my Martinis dry, with a twist, and the best ones are in the People's Republic. But given the summer responsibilities Martini time starts when The Goode Family signs off. Damn hard to sit through the other barflies incessant whining about a free press after watching Mike's latest masterpiece.

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