Saturday, June 06, 2009

All Done 

Graduation has been accomplished. And boy, are my arms tired. It has been stone cold crazy. But good crazy. Got her through the practice, then picked up the boquet and dropped her off for delivery with her class. Then I picked up her mom. who has been in rehab. Back she went afterward. Anyways, I had to not bring the big, embarrasing sign I had made. Too much crap to carry anyhow.

This was at one of the big old theaters on Playhouse Square. Another High School was having theirs simultaneously at the same time two doors down. But this worked out so both didn't let out at the same time. Because she accelerated a year she didn't get noted on any of the honors pages, but basically gave up being the valedictorian for 2010 to finish early and go to college. If she had been a Senior all year she would have been salutorian for 2009 easily. On the way down, all her classmates were so ticked that she didn't get note in the program so they elected her a Minority Scholar, which is about the only honor she didn't pick up. Not bad for a wise woman, who isn't even a Latina. Under the Cardozo Lemma Sephardic doesn't count.

Due to holding down a job, the logistics for the week of honors, and taking the daughter to her mom in rehab I didn't get a chance to shop for a present. And it's hard to top all the ones she earned earlier in the year.

Because of the Clinic internship she and another girl had to take two finals yesterday. So she ended up taking finals after actually graduating. Her science teacher stuck his head in the door for the math final and yelled. A couple minutes later the math teacher came back. All she said was :Was He Here? Then she took off after him. He needed the head start.

Later I did get a vase for the boquet. It was really pretty. The cat tolerated the boquet and vase for almost an hour. Then I swept up the shards and headed off for martinis.



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