Monday, May 11, 2009

Very busy and chopped up Sunday. Took my daughter here and there, mostly she was shopping Very KOTH midday in Eastlake. A sign at Walgreens advertised propane. Later my sister here called to chew the fat and possibly get together for my birthday. Her son is graudating college. On the way there she will attend an academic conference about food. The only thing she knows about food is eating it. I offered my thoughts about the food of the future to her.

I boldly predict that people will continue to eat food, because FOOD IS GOOD! Really, who needs a conference for that? My guess is that it's a planning phase for the food police. I bet in a couple of years those that think they know better will be yanking the burgers out from our cold, dead hands and rationing Tofu, or some other variety of spackling.

So if you are reading this, be warned. Eat now. Eat eat eat! Eat like there will be no tomorrow, because that may be the case. Get that extra pizza to go. Order that plate of knishes, even tho you've been on the Turnpike all day! And if you're lucky, you will die face down in a trough of Skyline Chili.

Gentlemen, to the Waffle House!

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