Saturday, May 09, 2009

There's Klingons 

off the Starboard Bow...

Saw the latest Star Trek this afternoon with the girlfriend. Totally worth it. Campy, corny, and a lot of fun. I'm sure they'll find a way to wedge in Shattner some time. They sure shoehorned in Nimoy on this one. Still, lotsa fun.

Daughter is with me this weekend. Then most of the summer. Then off we go to NYC to deposit her at college. Saw the craziest thing driving home past a local college this weekend. Kids offloading sofas from their dorms and parents actually moving the flea ridden things back home. What ever happened to good old American ambition. Find that sofa at the start of the scholl year and keep it on the porch. Then burn the sucker at end of year. I tell ya, the yout of today... No way am I hauling some beer and pee stained relic on top of the car across two states and through some tunnel into Manhattan.

Last night I accompnied to a dinner at (excuse me, the cat is reading this blog as I am writing it. Very upsetting.) a more religious home than mine. That would be almost all of them. It was good rollicking fun anyway. Cappy davened his way through a speed service, actually following the major prayers such as The Shema, Kaddish, and Alenu. Not bad for creeky religious school education from the distance of 40 t0 50 years. Dinner was nice. Absolutely no politics. Good. And refreshing too. Ate some of the densest kugel known to man. Immoblized for a good couple of hours.

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