Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Still busy taking my daughter here and there all over the place. We're trying to get the school admin to let her attend graduation. They hand out blank pleather folders for the diplomas but send the real ones later. So she can get the actual diploma later, but it would be nice if she could attend the ceremony. The teachers at her school have been great. Can't say enough about them.

Martinis are out while doing this but the 1970s are back with Madria Sangria. This is eminently drinkable. Just don't bring back disco. Lonnie Anderson can stay, as can all those Smokey and the Bandit flicks. Pure Prarie League ticket sales start in June, giving me plenty of time to locate Van Wert. They're brining Poco with them. Good. Also briniging Firefall, which should have been abandoned in the 70s along with the Vega and the Pinto. Shit, if they're going to do Firefall, why not just start the damn drip IV of estrogen when the concert starts?

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