Saturday, May 30, 2009

Graduation Imminent 

Another big week of excitement underway now. Tuesday is conferences and a reception for my daughter at the Clinic, for her internship. Parents will be allowed in for the reception to bask in the warm glow. I like to bask. You could say I'm a baskard like that. Then Thursday she's in the graduation ceremony in one of the neat old theaters on Playhouse Square. Work is pretty inert now, giving Cappy time to handle all this while the ex is still in rehab. But not inert enough to request strongly my presence out of town in driving distance for a Wednesday face time. If possible I'll do that but this leaves an almost unbroken record throughout my career of whiny facetime demands landing on top of birth, death, divorce, and other major events. I'm not gonna flip 'em off to they face, which is why I blog about it here. But the graduation ceremony, and anti-kegger patrol takes precedence.

And it's a beautiful day here in blueland. Had a nice walk. What with all the events that's about all I'll be able to fit in.


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