Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ran into the pharmacist that I worked for back in the late 1960s at lunch. Those were the days when I was a mere lad, stocking the shelves, reading MAD Magazine, and ogling the babes. Boy, it was great to see him. I remember one hot, sultry summer night in '68 when we remodeled the entire damn place overnight, tore down all the shelving, laid new tile, and put up and stocked the new shelves. Man, could I lay tile then. He's still pretty sharp.

Cannot wait to see what The President comes up with in terms of cars the parody of a bunch of sleazy politicians trying to design a car. Some things just need to be left to the professionals, such as ridicule at this stratospheric level. But, the good peeps of Ohio can come to the rescue. After all, car design may be too much for our exalted leaders. Maybe they should stick to their stools.

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