Sunday, March 22, 2009


Still grooving off the big Friday news. Saw DUPLICITY last night. Not so hot. Story jumping around in time. Paul Giametti as ruthless exec. Didn't quite sell it to me. Big changes where my girlfriend works, not good ones. She will almost certainly hold on to her job. My next version certification study guide continues to rest genly on the kitchen table, of heft northward of 925 pages. Certification not necessary in my native technology, but is an indication to employers that I'm alive and functioning. I know most of what is in there but don't use all features of the DBMS daily (who does?) so this is a lot of book cracking. Really dry. Martinis should be dry.

AIG should be renamed Aggravating Insurance Group. When you whine to the government for four consecutive bailouts worth 1/4 Trillion dollars you are opening yourself up to said government interference. If you have been working in any enterprise of any size for any amount of time, you should know that with any sudden bullshit change of direction you have to salute the boots or walk the plank. Large incomes don't exempt you from this. One way or another, through jerry rigged evaluations or congressional mandate, you will walk the line.

The actions of the ACORN Community Organizer mobs are frightening. So are recent church and synagogue invasions by leftists and Muslims. The Castle Doctrine needs to be upheld. James A. Rhodes, where are you now that your are needed most? He stopped campus riots in the 70's cold at Kent State. I hope our current flock of governators are up to it. I know "Buck" Strickland isn't.

Riddle me this about the AIG fuckups, Batmench: Why not just offshore they jobs? We've been doing it across the board in IT for years. Clearly AIG was staffed by fuckups. India could do the job for a fraction of the price. And, since quantitative analysis is a job that is supposedly one Americans won't do, isn't it logical that we will have to be dependent on India to do it for us?

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