Friday, February 27, 2009

About done with River Horse, by the William Least Heat-Moon, he of Blue Highways. Liked the latter better. The riverine journeylog got too loggy around North Dakota, repetitive type of adventures. Also too much screeding for my taste, but these days in lit, what isn't screedfilled and rantfull. Work continues to become more aimless. Elavulations next week, this from a caretaker manager just waiting for the tide to roll out. Consultants getting the heaveho left and right. One very good DBA today. Yesterday was my post-on-call martini, joined at the bar with a Dragon Lady Project Managerette with whom I worked about 12 years ago. She rolled out of her assignment last week too.

Big honors week for the SQLDaughter. The Principal wanted her to be introduced to the Gov. Shabbos takes precedence. We can catch Buck Strickland anytime on KOTH reruns.

Anyone else find this disturbing?

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