Saturday, January 31, 2009

OK HB, I Found It 

And the URL is on the way to you via the wonder of e-mail. I need the motivation. Work is going distinctively wacky, as we DBAs of the Old Republic fight to present what the hell we do to the oncoming managment. This could get very ugly. After daughter returned from Yeshiva U Honors interviews early in the week her mom promptly had a small stroke so she (daughter) is here with me for the duration. Long time readers know the drill. Not fun.

Update later in the day: The ex is about to be released, so the drill may be called off. The URL to create posters like above has been distributed to a select subset of the CaptainSQL audience, so pain in the ass liberal relatives all over these United States should be the recipient of some pretty snarky posters. The Eagles will be performing in Cleveland, and Cappy & girlfriend plan to see them. Indiana is too far away and too exotic for this winter, so we'll pass on Gordon Lightfoot. Work is still snarky, plenty of Rank & Yank on the way. Phooey.

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