Thursday, January 08, 2009

I'm in a mellowed out frame of mind lately. For some reason I can't really get into massive work worry, although by all logic I should. Instability is a systems propellerhead way of life and has been ever since the end of the slide rule era. It's too much wear and tear to get wuppsed up about the future inevitable headcutcount. I will happend someday and until then life will alternate between hunkering down like a scared gerbil, that hunkers down a lot, and getting sick and tired of hunkering down like a gerbil and letting loose. Also, one cannot cover all the software in any depth, as in days of yore. I'm gonna stick to what I do best, Database. Guess I'm just a Set Theory Crazy at heart. But I also like Data Mining and B.I., and may take an online course. Their users are really smart and cool. Not that there's anything wrong with other users bu I like these and also like talking directly with them, without bullshit artists interjecting themselves and muddying up the waters. No matter what the economy or President does, there's always more and more data to screw with.

My charming teenage daughter is on a very good track, and is in fact maxed out on High School Naches. Of course I couldn't be happier. I don't see how she does it all, holding up the grades and honors and being Shomre also. Never forget, Leroy Jenkins does not roll on Shabbos! It is beyond my meager ability to comprehend, having been an astonishingly average teen myself back in prehistoric times. My main talent then, finding 3.2 beer. I'm also very glad she met up with the escapees from CCCP early in High School, which set her straight about The Left. Much less hippie B.S lying around the house that way, along with fewer slacker boyfriends, and the attendant problems. The other side of the coin to that one is that the OrthoBoys seem to have had a major infusion of testosterone since way back when, and many are harder to intimidate. Dads like OldSoldier may be luckier, though. Up here in OH-IO you can legally mount the head of the first boyfriend above the mantle, but I hear down South you can bag as many as you can shoot. If she gets the needed financial aid at YU that will be a great excuse to invade New Jersey blogmeets. Paging Jimmy Hoffa...

Still having a good time after hours, as in After Hours with CaptainSQL as seen on CBS, 1964-65. I like the gal I've been seeing lately a lot, and she apparently finds merit in me. It's a comfortable, easygoing, grab a pizza an beer kind of arrangement. No complicated hoohah. Believe me, it gets complicated with time. All the Jr. High School BS comes back, sorta, along with an adult lifetime of baggage. So I'm enjoying every minute of this. Boy, there's been a big falloff of Jazz places around town. All of the ones in University Circle have been nuked lately. My favorite Vice Bartender left for parts unknown, as she threatened to last year. The Main Bartender is intack, as are his Martinis. It's a fun crowd but very liberal. I don't discuss politics or news with them. For some damn reason, they and all liberals I know except for baby sister always hype their news sources; you know the ones; NYTimes, WaPo, NPR. And of course cuss out FoxNews all the time. As if any of that will change any minds. Pretty stupid. As of late, though, they've taken to hating NBC. Could it be that the realization of crappy journalism is penetrating even the denseness that is liberalism?

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