Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The SQLCat's teeth are flossed and gleaming
And Cappy's prose is brown and steaming

And that's about as much poetry you are going to get out of this alteh-Techie, faithfull viewers. A nice, quiet couple of days off are drawing to an end, ferrying the SQLDaughter here and about as she decompresses from a week long rampage through NYC religious retreat and gets back to reality before the semester lapses to it's exhausted conclusion early in 2009. And speaking of exhausted conclusion, the crack(ed) SQL team at work faces the uncertain future of next year, while the monotonous thump of reality knocks unceasingly at the side door, looking for more fries to go with that.

I have no idea what the above means, but it sounds great. And since most of the MartiniBarPatrons as well as my relatives are eagerly awaiting the ascendance or ass-endance of The 0bama in January, it must be a good season for gibberish. So I thought I'd contribute my two cents. Here's yer bailout!

One of the boys my daughter likes bears a striking and scary resemblance to a certain collander-wearing blogger. And this guy writes similarly for the local college paper. Cappy... must... investigate.

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