Saturday, December 20, 2008

Not quite time for an end-of-year blog, but close enough. Finally emerged from totally setting up the new system, almost. And a pretty decent year otherwise. Still choking down a paycheck, daughter doing great, seeing a gal I like, and as far as possible for man to determine, likes me. Daughter just stuck her face in the door and explained the difference between geekiness and nerdiness. Thanks. Been waiting years for that. She'll be off in the greater NYC vicinity tomorrow wreaking havoc on a religious retreat for the next week. Girlfirend is out of town too. Time to follow up on serious martinis.

Reading is going very slow, and this time worth every prolonged nanosecond. The selected book, River Horse by William Least Heat-Moon. Savoring every paragraph like a booze-hound savors drinks that really get him there fast. I mean, it's damn good, man. His original Blue Highways really spoke to me many years ago. Did one of those across the diagonal of the Great Buckeye State on Rt. 42 after college graduation, and one across that state up there while freezing my ass off during a mid-70's move from St. Louis to Detroit.

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