Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Chanukkah, and Christmas, and Holidays. 

Better late, or midway through the holiday, then never! Been busier than uh, some guy who is really busy, so couldn't blog much lately. Daughter and girlfriend are out of town (not together, duh) and I've been busy filling in parent type documents for Y.U's honor program and The Clinic's internship program for her. Big nachas there. Soon I take off for shul, for the traditional Chinese food and movie.

Enjoy this one. My kid was at a Minyan at CSU that Matisyahu sponsored and he signed her Siddur. Nice accent with this guy's davening. When exactly did he get off the boat?

Also, as a Systems Analyst many years ago I developed mind reading. No big deal. I gave it up after getting too many X'40' returns.

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