Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving!
Cappy is now digesting the traditional Thanksgiving meal, provided graciously by the CaptainSQL girl friend. Haven't blogged much lately, so I thought I'd add this holiday gobbler. And a damn fine meal it was. This year I carved the entire turkey. No fatalities, either. That's CaptainSQL for ya, always something new and exciting. Uurp....

Perusual of the big techie websites show still some postings available in the techdeseretland of Northern Ohio. Some of these in the ancient crafts of programming. Programs that old are more like the ancient craps onf programming. And martinis are a lot more expensive now than they were in the 1980s. Speaking of craps, I see Detoilet doodyfully (get it?) stunk up the region as the Titans mercilessly crushed them. Most of the plays I saw looked like the Loins shouldn't even have been on the same field as the Ts. I welcome this. Anything to distract from the Browns shitty performance this year.

My offspring continues to deliver naches regularly. It would be nice if that was delivered with nachos too. Got her ACT score back last weekend. That's the SAT for farmers. Damn good anywhere, propels her into the honors program at Yeshiva, and everywhere else she has an interest. It's great. Kvell, kvell, kvell. Now she's gotta schlep back to NYC for Honors Weekend and interviews there. I may be forced to go back to the big apple to inspect for more corn storage.

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