Saturday, November 08, 2008

Can't Anyone 

Dub this as a salute to the President Elect?

I don't have the time to learn how to do that, what with my own deering do in Database Excellence.

Work remains up in the air. Changes are afoot and at hand, covering two limbs simultaneously. At this time panic is not called for. Should have the remainder of Child Support covered, unless the Statehouse Shitbags in Columbus get tired of trolling Joe Plumbers records and decide to extend their gaze to other private citizens. I'd like to keep doing what I've been doing. But can be flexible regarding new platforms, data mining, and even the ancient art of programming. Indeed, I hark back to the daze when herds of intinerant geeks roamed the great North American plains, pushing code and knocking back brew.

Yes, more Kumbiyah from Cappy
I did hear from my sister in town today, and the conversation was cordial enough. The post election rampage was at full blast this week. The politicians will do as they please. They always do. But it is the intensely personal Kumbiyah that continues, and in many cases cannot be tolerated. Said sister had a meltdown when informed that one, only one kid in her son's class had signed up for the Marines a few years ago. The kid wasn't present during the meltdown. Neither were any of his friends. This meltdown was in front of total strangers, basically. It served no purpose. The decision was and is not my sister's. This is only one man out of a high school class of over 400.

My daughter is finishing high school now. One of her friends is planning to join the armed forces. Others may. I commend them for serving, if they so choose. It is not my business if they do or do not. But I am ashamed of such behavior shown by my sister in the recent past. The gal I've been seeing has a son in the Marines. I would be ashamed to introduce my sister to this woman.

This is the Kumbiyah some bloggers face. Up front and in your face. Just like the President Elect asked. I do not like to blog politics. Others do it better. Irishspy, for example, pretty much sums up my thoughts about the recent election. But in the personal realm I can't put up with this kind of BS. I cannot divorce my sisters, but want absolutely no contact with others of similar attitude. In the event of a job related relocation, I would try to locate to a Red area in preference to Blue. The comments of people with these attitudes are unwanted and unwarranted with regard to my personal:

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