Thursday, October 09, 2008

Yom Kippur is now over. I haven’t been much with the spirit of the holidays. The week has been a wreck. My daughter has been with me, going through college applications, dependent on transportation, and with her mom in the hospital. I do not like to get together with her mother. The ex’s friends are assholes. I do not want to talk to these people or even greet them. All of this has taken up gobs of time. Was exhausted yesterday, and did a lot of sleeping today.

There is also Residual Weekend Kumbiyah Resentment(TM). During the waking, non-worship time last weekend there was a lot of leftist yapping and sharing of unwanted opinions. I received shit when I said that I might want to move to an adjacent county. This is not a move far away. I could enjoy the rapidly vanishing amenities of Cleveland without having to put up with the growing negative features. Adjacent counties are more normal and less blue. That reaction adds to the attractiveness of such a move.

Make no mistake about it. I have a finite number of months left to pay child support. I look forward to its termination. After then I can move to another job, or another career without regard to income, the same as any free American, and not be subject to prosecution if my income drops. I look forward to that day. Also with the end of custody for my daughter I can live outside of Cuyahoga County without the threat of losing my time with her. I will be happy also to stop feeding self propelled garbage in black robes here, such as Judge Christine McMonagle, with my tax dollars.

Keep blogging, gang. Take it from Kumbiyah HQ on the North Coast, you need to express yourself as often and vividly as possible. The great Acidman led the way, exposing all to the Divorce Court BS he had, and it served as a warning to others including me. I doubt a President Hussein would be as bad as many fear and as he desires but it is important to leave a trail of bread crumbs letting others know your opinion. Because he’d shut you up if he ever could.

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