Saturday, October 25, 2008

This is Why Joe The Plumber Counts 

This is why.

It is because individuals with access to Ohio Government accounts, working on accounts paid for by Ohioans, on our time are researching for intimidation of this private citizen.

These agencies are the Ohio Attorney General's office and the Cuyahoga County (Child Support) Support Enforcement Agency. These individuals are performing these acts for the benefit of Barack Hussein Obama. They could do this to any individual, for Hussein's benefit, or for the benefit of their political agendas.

Through my many rants oh, no, here he goes again! I have railed against corrupt Judge Christine McMonagle. How can one depend on a judge such as her to put forward decisions that were not riddled with her whims, to be enforced with bias and brutality by agencies such as these? What would prevent these agencies from performing the same character assassination against me that they are performing against Joe The Plumber? I still have time on Child Support and until and possibly after then any glitch, mistake, or deliberate sabotage of my account could result in a criminal indictment. Why else would the Attorney General research Joe the Plumber except for trumping up charges against him.

What due process is there or could there be against this for Joe, or me, or anyone else in Ohio, particularly in the diseased jurisdiction of judges like McMonagle? What would prevent a legal onslaught of spurious charges against him, to run indefinitely, as punishment for a simple disagreement.

The Hussein campaign issues it's routine flannelmouthed denial of any connection to acts such as these. Maybe there isn't a direct connection to the campaign. But in Cleveland, and apparently St. Louis too, not having the correct opinion is becoming criminalized.

This is not the America I expected.



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