Monday, October 13, 2008

Ladies, you may want to skip this post because as always, Captain SQL may be too much man for you to handle. Wrapped up declogging the bathtub drain today, AND painting what remained of the kitchen too. I rule. It's Hank Hillicious! I am too good to be true!

Speaking of the old Arlen running back, I saw The Express this weekend. Peeps, this may indeed be the best football movie ever, contending with We Are Marshall. Truly an inspiring and tragic story. Jim Brown, living legend and God of Cleveland Football was a consultant on it. Jim deserves that living legend status and the movie having sent me back to the Syracuse record books, he stands even taller than ever for all of his accomplishments. See this one, please. A few minor concessions to drama were made, the most glaring one being the non-presence of Paul Brown and unexplained presence of comic-like Art Modell before he actually was in Cleveland. That one is easy. Paul Brown and Jim Brown and Ernie Davis in the same cinematic universe at the same time is just too much to handle. Each needs his own masterpiece film, and the three together would fill the enitre day.

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