Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Darkness is about to descend upon the Fortress of Database Excellence in the form of rumblings from the dark side (actual business conditions) that will conjure forth the mighty and inevitable Headcut Counts. Indeed, the Counts of the Headcuts are loose upon the land, sowing fear and loathing hither and yon. I live closer to yon. Only time will tell what fate befalls our jolly and roving band of DBAs.

Meanwhile, gotta cut back on stuff like travel, not that I do much of that. Damn. The blogmeets down South always sound like fun. Maybe someday. Hey, these would be a great opportunity to test out Cappy's SureFire Project Manager Outdoor Challenge(tm). It's where we give aspiring Project Managers an outside training course, with them in full buckskin and antlers. Around this time of year. I think it could be a winner.

Having a life sure takes up a lot of time. That's what I get for getting off my flabby DBA ass and doing something.

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