Friday, October 03, 2008

A couple of hours before I shove off for Chicago. Those Cubs have got to get on the ball and start winning! My daughter will be here, her mom in hospital again. Getting very wary about any shenanigans her mom will pull while I'm away. I'll be out 1 day and the kid should be fine. It's been a crazy house here with her filling out college applications. My nephew's Bar Mitzvah should be fine. The Rabbi here kept Kum-Bi-Ya off the Bimah, as it should be. My relatives are another planet story altogether. Some are phyically unable to get through a simple conversation or phone call without spouting off about respect for third world cultures, or vegetarianism, or pacifism, or some other nonsense. I'm sure they'll pipe up at the festivities. My plan, button it up and contribute more to good causes, such as the USO.

Cleveland Browns fans get a break this week, with a bye. Lunch tomorrow will be Michigan, served up to The Illini, as I watch and try to block out the big, steaming heaps of Kum-Bi-Ya. Then I load onto a plane for the rest of the weekend.

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