Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Nasty Post 

I'm not Joe the Plumber. More like Joe the DBA. But what is happening to him brings up in vivid national exposure what I was trying to get at in my foaming-at-the-mouth post Chicago trip post. He's even conveniently located in one of our Lake Erie hugging liberalshit run counties right here in Ohio. And it helps amply show how I arrive at my foaming-at-the-mouth head-for-the hills-or-at-least-the-nearest-Red-county point of view.

What is happening to Joe shows in it’s horrible and scary depth the ultimate results of the Left’s turning the personal political. Let it not be forgotten that Sen. Obama came to Joe’s house, and Joe did not seek out the Senator. Sen. Obama was on Joe's personal property. Yet it is the private citizen who’s life is being ruined for simply disagreeing with one candidate for President.

This is the pattern of exposure to liberals. Disagreement is taken as hostility and even assult. Agreement or neutrality is taken as assent to their whole manure cart of bullshit ideas: pacifism, third-worldies, and vegetarianism. In most cases it’s not a public or life ruining matter, but with just one accusation about taxes, bad parenting, code violations, or other matters that have not been decided in a court of law under our Constitution, a simple disagreement turns into a near criminal procuedure.

This is creepy, but when dealing with the liberal in your personal life you’d better be ready to back up your opinion with lawyers, at least. Otherwise it is better to avoid this group of people.



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