Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Getting down to the case at hand bright and early this beautiful Tuesday morning, CaptainSQL quickly diagnosed the problem from the weekend and sent off records to the vendor. His crack diagnosis, the change performed as expected. The problem? Other parts of the extremely complex program firing off over the last few weeks masked the true excellence of Cappy's expert advice and development. I'm just too good to stand it myself sometimes. Too bad about the production support induced paranoia wrecking the weekend. At least I got some ribs inside me. The only true antidote, Martinis, will be administered soon.

Also, the paint has finally dried in the kitchen. Boy, do I ever lead an exciting home life. Now the hard part. Selecting stuff for the windows, like curtains or blinds without feeling, you know, queasy. I'm no good at figuring out this stuff, and shopping for it doesn't turn me on. Feel free to send advice.

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