Sunday, August 17, 2008

OK. So here's more. 

Yeah there's more. My daughter shows up this afternoon and notifies me her mom is off on some magical mystery tour, somewhere undisclosed, for an indefinite time. She did it before, last year, visiting a friend out of state that interfered in custody fights, and did every damn thing she could to yank my kid out to the Arizona desert, where she would have been in a shitty foster home the minute her mom got sick, which happens frequently. Fought that one in 05/06 and won it. But not until there was a lot of grief. Yeah, this whorebag inserted herself as my ex's clergy simultaneously to writing the cusotdy request for her to the court. The court, of course was too stupid and crooked to make an issue of this.

Also my daughter informed me that while I was beating my head against the wall last December/January taking her to visit her recovering mom, for 7 weeks, every day, without fail, the Congregation with whom the mom had been affiliated continued to try to interfere with cusody. I told them to stop contact with me in the spring of 2007, and blocked their calls here because they demanded that I give up my rights to take care of my daughter in 2005, when her mom was in the hospital. This was within a month of me burying my own mother, too. I believe that a restraining order is in order in this case.

So, what's it gonna be, shitbags? The kid is about ready to shove off to college. How's 'bout stepping right up and shouldering the driving? The tuition costs? And facing up to the fact that she sees you liberal pukes for the cruds you are. It is gratifying that she has come to see this. Now these assholes can fuck off.

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