Saturday, August 30, 2008

Football season at last! I'm riveted to the tube for the N.U-Syracuse game. Well, as riveted as you can get. At least it's Big 10 vs. the Big Easy. Let's go purple! Glance over there and have a look at NU's Tyrell Sutton. You will be hearing from him in the NFL. The real game, OSU still monopolized by the greedheads at the Big 10 Network.

Work all week was stress. It looked like trying to stuff 25 pounds of sugar into a 10 pound bag, that bag being me. At end of week, suprise common sense and backbone from our management team. Also invited to take management courses. Been a long time since I was totally useless, and in those days didn't have to manage with the burden of the flavor of the month buzzword. Still, it may be OK, given this team. That can change on a dime, though.

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