Monday, March 31, 2008

We Win the Opener! 

Who let Jim Thome back in town? Too scary. Anyway, it's good news for the Tribe, and we're off to another season of that game that fills in most of the time between Football seasons. Now I'm on call so posting will be sparse. Also I have many important home projects to ignore.

The kid starts school tomorrow and vacation was a classic. Short but sweet. My daughter saw what she wanted and was very much interested in Yeshiva U. This was tremendous for her. I'm glad that she could do that. In fact, we had to keep calling and reminding her to get back to the hotel the night she visited. I'm even glad the ex could see it and was heavily medicated. Meeting Erica was a party by itself. There's nothing like a meeting of the minds. Sometimes you feel more at home with someone you've never seen before than with people who have been in the background for years.

Now back to work. Something there is going to change, and you don't hear much about the long term visionary direction for the future. Those setting direction are too busy trying to make and save $$$ for the company, which is OK with me. It's like The Far Side cartoon of two guys in a fishing boat with a mushroom cloud on the horizon. One of them says "I'll tell you what it means! Screw the limit!". I'm going to go ahead with my next technology pick at home, starting with an upgrade for this very PC on which I'm blogging. This will also cut out posts for the next couple of days. This technology is for Me, Inc.

The high school continues to be a security concern. One year less for the kid in that place is sounding better. I'm still ticked off about how the administration there handled her problem last fall. It needed to be fixed! Lots of other general security problems there too. I don't like the risk.

A couple of friends from way back stopped in from out of town on Saturday. This was mostly fun but the HateBushRant is really way out of control. My kid became more religious on her own and is enjoying reading Ayn Rand. I didn't force any of this, but always said what I thought even when she had a nice pile of Kumbiyah for assignments. Befriending a guy that came over from the former CCCP also encouraged her along the path. I won't dump old friends, but their interrogating her about her opinions is not welcome. She gave back pretty good, too. These people have totally lost the boundary between the personal and political. Also, they're pretty bigoted against the more religious. They need to get a life.

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