Thursday, March 27, 2008

Home Aloon 

Back home in the Captain SQL Fortress of Slack, attending to back home errands. Today I trimmed the hedges, and boy, are my arms tired.

Been at this blogging stuff for a few years, and consider my blogfather as Acidman, and bologmother as Neo Neocon. Both pretty well summed up a lot of my thoughts about politics and world affairs. Acidman is no longer with us, unfortunately. For a lot better writing about those abovementioned subjects than I can provide, consult Neo.

However, that source cannot provide critical insight into local developments, or decay in North Ohio, where this blog originates. And our local media is incapable of providing insight beyond monsyllables. And remembering the 1948 World Series, which the Indians still won. And so it is with great reluctance I present a field guide to our local politicians, alson known as Your Cavalcade of Losers.

As mentioned before I have offered to put Dennis Kucinich to good use, filling potholes in New York. I mean as a replacement for the asphalt, not actually shovelling because the only thing he's good for shovelling comes out of horses. He represents the West Side of Cleveland. Under an Indian treaty in 1795 that territory was not open for settlement. So technically, he represents the Illegally Occupied West Bank. Ha ha. Suck it, Dennis.

Next comes our Senator Sherrod Brown. Power couple. Raspy voiced Yalie. Blah blah blah blah. Stop me if this sounds familiar.

Moving down the food chain we encounter the Bored of County Commissioners. Winner alert. Here we see a rarity: a Democrat that may actually be decent. Maybe. Peter Lawson Jones proves that with a Harvard legal education you too can pose critical questions of governance, such as "hey guys, don't you think we ought to ask the voters before we invoke a tax hike to send money for a Medical Mart that may or may not happen?" At least he asked the question.

Not much left locally worth discussing. Especially the other two commissioners. One a waste of oxygen, the other a waste of carbohydrates. Winner Alert. In fact. lets skip to Josh Mandel, who has my praise and thanks. Is there any way we can get more like him?

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