Thursday, December 06, 2007

The curtain has all but come down on the final act of wacky legal crap about custody. It went with a whimper, the best way. A big issue I had feared turned out to be no issue during a meeting with the ex today. She'll be in an operation next Monday followed by a month of therapy. Physical therapy, that is. May ever get together with her and our kid for latkes this weekend. As long as she doesn't use 'em as throwing stars it's OK with me. Of course this will reduce martini intake for the duration but priorities are priorities.

Not to worry about the decline of domestic psychoticness. Our prize Project Managers are busily pounding those square pegs into the round holes. In their case, I think these are S-holes. Stupidly volunteered to help a project with a tedious but important task, and it's come out that this is the vendor's first attempt at his software on our platform. No tables have been successfully loaded by the project, but they're going to try to zoom into production next week. Yeehaw! Take the Hill! No. Fuck you. You want it, you take it. No hill taking without proof of comprehensive testing. And just be sure to be around in production support to take care of your abortion when it goes down and takes real live customers with it. Acidman and those hardware guys had it better: there could be real consequences and bodily damage due to pinhead ideas implemented stupidly in his business

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