Saturday, September 29, 2007

College Football Goes to Hill! 

Hank's gone and done it! His lameass suggestion to Nebraska landed the Cornholers somewhere in the Top 25. Can he even return to Texas? Does it even matter? USC has a permalock on #1, with Florida and LSU contending for runnerup. Then there's a bunch o' SEC and PAC-10 teams somewhere in the mix, with the Big 10 sneaking in on easy ratings. And those new places nobody's ever heard of messing things up. Fear the 'Roo?
It's that college football parody that's messing up the natural order of ratings! And how's bout the dumbass lawyers that brought on The Big 10 Notwork, effectively blocking all the games I give a flying rat's ass about? What about the brilliant NBC/Notre Dame contract? Brilliant, just brilliant.
Yahoo delivering up another (very motley) selection of babes for yours truly. It gets me out of the house, anyway. That virus really had me out to lunch for a couple of weeks. Blogging is low on the CaptainSQL totem pole of to-do tasks.

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