Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cappy's Guide to Booze 

A good Rosh Hashanah and a good weekend with my daughter. She really appears headed in the right direction and there wasn't any huge alienation this weekend. So, I'm looking forward to the Chicago and Hawaii trips this fall.

The online dating scene is starting to look like Jr. High School here. Overally, there's still a lot of chicks online and within striking distance. So, now, what the world has been waiting for,

Cappy rates the Martinis of Cleveland!

The winner: The Mad Greek. Hands down. Elbows up. The Maharajah of Martinis. And last outpost of non-PC atmosphere in (The People's Republic of) Cleveland Heights. I mean, let's face it; without these life saving libations the entire municipality is just a retread of the old CCCP, without cyrillic lettering of stupid films about collective farms, for the most part.

Is next, ZaZa's. Actually, that's soon to be was next. Long the #2 standby, already badly diminished this last summer. Soon to be a memory and a field of rubble along with it's predecessors at the old Cedar Center, as soon as the city nukes the place.

Two to look at: (note executive-style bullet points!)

List O'Losers

BarLouie @ Legacy Village. Weak.

Sushi Rock @ LaPlace. A horse wanders into the place and orders a Vodka Martini. Bartender sez "We don't get many horses in here". Horse sez "At these prices you won't get many more!" Pricey. Rough, not smooth.

OK gang, don't everyone slam into town at once! There's only so much capacity to entertain here in BrownsTown.



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