Tuesday, August 21, 2007

And Again! 

Make way for the Brady Bunch. Tom Brady, that is. I score this highly rated QB and veteran of two Cartoon series (The Simpsons and Family Guy, it think). Not Brady Quinn. Sorry girls. Although mentioning BQ's name allows a Babe Magnet tag. Also, my fantasy team drafted Running Back Frank Gore as comical sidekick. Another good one. As opposed to AlGore (tm), Kumbiyah blowhard.

Also in Sports, the Tribe continues to dominate Detroit. So eat it, Stewie.

Still working on the old babe magnetism, but am settling down to the best Martini place in town for the preseason. Daughter is back with her mom and in a glued to mom phase, which may not survive the incipient start of school next Monday, over most of these stations.

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