Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Once Again, Celebrate the 4th 

I'll be enjoying the celebration of America tonight watching fireworks and grilling. Also enjoyed the opportunity to give my opinion about the good old USA to my daughter, who is facing 10th grade (anti) American History. Luckily for her she has become more religiously oriented, and has made friends with some kids whose families came here for freedom from the disgusting old USSR. She explained the me the tedious hate-America crap in some of her optional reading this year, and asked my opinion of it. For me, it's simple. On the one hand, one can enjoy the rights of Americans as known throughout our history, guarded by the brave men and women of our armed forces. This includes the right to read and speak as one wishes, to worship as one choses, in peace and security. On the other hand, as promoted by those that hate America is the European land which my father left, where his reward for serving his country was to have his best friend and his brother lynched.

The choice is obvious.



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