Sunday, May 13, 2007

Who Knew? 

that Martinis are a big babe magnet code word? It sure worked in the last posting! Even to Australia, and who knew there were babes there? Man, I wish I would have known that back in High School, instead of swilling whatever was avaialable, and ending up in stupid fights with fratboys at football games (much more entertaining than the actual games themselves, but still, not much attraction to chicks). I wonder what other words work? Guess I'll try a few of these:


Flying Butress


Non-clustering index.

Back to on-call tomorrow. Fielded a few stray calls this weekend because I'm backing up strawboss. That means I get a double dose of on-call: his as well as mine. About as much fun as a double dose of clap, but a lot less fun than the process of obtaining.

Also, this town experimented with second-rate college football last fall and managed to snag a continuting "bowl" game for September. Not a real bowl, but an excuse to go to the stadium, drink beer, and watch football before humoungous freezing sets in. So I might take up the challenge.

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