Sunday, May 06, 2007

The unknown forces that control babeosity have been kind to Cappy, as of late. This includes real life, too. Almost in compensation for recent discoveries being from the town of our much hated and reviled NFL rival, at least one of them offers the possibility of tickets to The Shoe in the fall. Reason enough to celebrate! But wait, there's more! Recent ventures to the Piggly-Wiggly have put Cappy in contact with a girl I once knew way back when. But this time she looks a lot better. She was alway a skinny bolink, but looks better with a few more pounds. And I'd never get caught up in that trick question Does this make me look fat? Also caught up with another female from even further back (no, not pre Civil-War!) that had her hottie period for a few years.

So, things are looking good in that department. Work on the next release of the software is underway. Hoo-hah, this is going to take a long time!

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