Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Looks like Google has taken over my shortcut to blogger. Fine quality, guys. More cheap-ass no quality software.

Daughter is with me now. The mom is in the hospital again, probably more drama to follow. Very stale.

My sister here has another out of town job offer, this time in Chicago where LittleSis lives. I hope she takes this; it sounds like a very good deal. The only damn thing is the sub-rosa pool I had going with LittleSis when the one here was going to move a couple of years ago. I claim that only Evanston will suffice this one's environmental, farleft, peacenik, hippie-dippie tinfoilhat proclivities. But the job is within walking distance of Oak Park, so Cappy may have to pay up. In any event, it would be more incentive to visit Chitown, which is always a good idea.

A lady of mystery reappeared (actually re-mailed) lately from the babesearch earlier in the year. Very interesting.

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