Friday, May 11, 2007

It's Beer Thirty 

Not quite. But it is a beautiful evening so I'm going to get my CaptainSQL ass away from this computer and down one or more martinis before the weekend foolishness sets in, and, even worse, before I become the much feared enforcer of don't touch production without a hall pass as I go on-call next week. Don't worry. The development DBAs haven't signed on to this so it will allow our lame developers and project managers to weasel their way into fixing their sadass screwups without having to show they deadbeat faces to upper management. They'll slither through this like wee-wee flowing downhill around any clogs and obstructions in the plumbing on the way to the lake.

Now what barfly wouldn't want to hear that story?

The weekend is already chopped up into little bitty pieces, so I may as well get the boozehounding in early. This is also a good excuse to do even less around the house. Getting pretty good at those excuses.

Hey, when my kid was over here last time I asked where the crackers were, and she just pointed to me. Do you think she's on to this blog?



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