Monday, April 23, 2007

Yarzheit time again. Already. This time is the memorial for my dad. I've got a good long lead of over a month to kvetch my shul into getting the date correct, and mentioning him at services, etc. Do not underestimate this task! They're batting around 0.500.

My sisters aren't big on this. At least the one here. You know, he was a man that came to the good ole USA late with no skills and made good. He was healthy to the end, and full of witticism in his old world/midwest way. I'll never forget him telling me about my lame-ass ex brother in law, "I want to beat the shit out of him". You don't get subtelty like that any more. I guess he wasn't big into political correctness. And of course he had actuall touched a gun, once upon a time. During WWII. Serving the entire time. I mean from 1939 - 1945. And most likely used it to kill some of those forces that murdered his parents and sisters and brothers. Some realtives did and may still want to bury that service. That's a shame on them. He doesn't have a Memorial Day, so this is also kind of his Memorial Day.

So for me, it's worth the effort, and I remember him fondly.

The kid was here during the weekend, and it went nicely. The school year is screaming to a close and she applied for work at the doughnut shop. Coming soon: Cappy Gains Weight.

Work continues to continue, which is good. Gonna invite the girl from the next town over up here for drinks, &etc. I always like &etc.

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