Friday, April 20, 2007

Baggage Dump 

But on a more serious note folks, we have the case of Alec Baldwin chewing out his kid in a voice mail message. I wouldn't have done it, but here's my take on some of this.

Kim Bassinger has been charged with contempt of court for violating a parenting agreement. The case has lingered more than two years. In particular, she is charged with bad mouthing her daughter's father (Alec Baldwin). This is a criminal charge.

Baldwin has the money to pursue this case. Most divorced parents don't have that. This is the legal recourse for this violation. He pursued that recourse.

I've often discussed this with my attorney because the ex-wife frequently told my daughter a lot of crap about me, sometimes in front of me. I was made aware by this attorney that nothing would ever come of it. From what I have learned, this is true.

No doubt Baldwin is mad at his kid. He verbalized this and has not physically punished her. His ex, on the other hand has a criminal charge pending.

Damn glad I put on the asbestos underwear before posting this!



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