Friday, September 23, 2005

Late Night Blogging
Late night blogging again. Somebody reformulated CONTAC and it's not worth shit anymore, so here I am, snuffy and not sleeping.

Ex is in hospital again, since early Tuesday. It's a lot more wear and tear. The usual shuttle of work and taking the kid to see her mom. It's not nearly as bad as during the summer. My daughter is particularly hard on me this time, following a normal disagreement last weekend.

It's tough to reallize but the ex will most likely take my daughter where I cannot help her when the ex gets sick again. She is bound and determined to do this and my daughter seems eager for it. My kid does not understand this would put her in a lot of trouble. But if the ex does it I will be powerless to stop it.

This has also been the occasion to see and hear from a lot of the ex's friends and this time the make nice play-acting from me is over. Whatever else happens in my life they are not going to make themselves part of it.


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