Sunday, January 09, 2005

A rotten weekend with the daughter. Snowbound again, with the car in the shop for a new water pump ($$$), and she regurgitates 12 years of Parental Alienation. Wants to use her mom's maiden name, switch her ethnicity, etc. She's informed me that I annoy her teachers when I request information. These teachers are legally obliged to send me all information about her.

And she doesn't seem to get along too well with her mom, either. At this rate, she'd better have a good look at and whiff of our fine foster care system.

She can park her scapegoating somewhere else. If she's bored it's up to her to find and commit to activities to fix that, or make some friends. Yes, she's isolated in school. No, I don't prevent her from calling or seeing any of her classmates. At age 12 she's past the stage when I have to arrange play-dates, like in pre-school.

She doesn't like it when I attend her events, but claims that I don't care about her if I miss one or have to work from home on the weekend. Each time I attend a school function, where I know I'm not wanted is a big sacrifice. She acts as if all our weekend activities together never happened. I'm beginning to think that the time I spent with her and especially the court-ordered money sent to her asshole private school are not only a waste, but have contributed to her alienation.


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